Pulpo a la Gallega

Traditional dish from the region of Galicia based on very tender octopus chunks served on potatoes infused with smoked paprika and our Jubilee Foods olive oil


A French culinary classic or our oriental twist. Steamed mussels in white wine fennel, saffron and lemon zest or our Red Thai curry variation. Served with toasted sourdough bread and sides of triple-cooked local Maltese potatoes seasoned with Xwejni sea salt

Fregola Sarda

Bringing a taste of Sardinia to your table, this seafood dish has a wonderful fregola pasta made from durum wheat and semolina, infused with a rich broth with Vongole, moscardini octopus, garlic, saffron, Mediterranean herbs and cherry tomatoes

The Culinary Journey

Welcome to Ayubowan.
AYU, as we call it in short, is the latest food experience that, allows the 3 brothers – Alex, Mario and myself, to bring our immense passion for food and travel, seeking to create experiences that would feed our mind re-living beautiful memories, fill our hearts with joy and our stomach with great food.

The AYU culinary journey began from these travels. With open and curious minds, we set out to discover new flavours and dishes from close and distant lands, meeting interesting chefs in restaurants or home cooks in food stalls and markets. Each taught us new ways to cook and new ingredients to use. Returning home after each travel, we would always introduce a new dish in one of our restaurants or just invite friends over at home to share our travel stories over food and drinks.

Our food is our way of expressing and sharing our travel experiences with everyone. We believe that food is one of the best ways to describe a place, its culture, its history, its people.

Through AYU, we want to bring our different journeys to you from our travelers kitchen repertoire and share with you the same interests, experiences, joy, and conversations we had through our food.

We welcome you with warmth and excitement and greet you, Ayubowan.


Rigatoni Carbonara

Wandering Udon Dragon

Your Favourite AYU Dishes will be available for takeaway or delivery soon.

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Your Favourite AYU Dishes will be available for take-away or delivery soon.

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